Services and Pricing

Our service commitment is simple: we provide efficient, quality service in a professional manner, correctly diagnosed and repaired at a fair price. To further enhance our commitment, we offer service by appointment. Simply call 316-942-4444, tell us when it's convenient for you to come in and we'll reserve that time, if available, for you.

Service Schedule
Air Conditioning Service  
Evacuate & Recharge $59.95
Plus Freon R-12 or R-134A Free Estimate
Alignment, 4-Wheel (Computerized) $69.95
Alignment & Balance $102.95
Alternators Free Estimate
Balance Computer Spin Per/Wheel $11.00
Batteries $84.95 & up
Battery Service $38.95
Belts Free Estimate
Brake Adjustment $33.00
Brake Inspection Free Estimate
Brake Fluid Exchange $76.95
Brake Replacement Service Free Estimate
Cabin Filter Free Estimate
Clutches Free Estimate
CV Boots Free Estimate
Diagnosis Analysis $90.00 & up
Differential Service $65.00 & up
EGR System Free Estimate
Electrical Repairs Free Estimate
Engine Repairs Free Estimate
Engine Replacement Free Estimate
Exhaust Systems Free Estimate
Front End Repairs Free Estimate
Fuel Induction System Clean Up $109.95
Heating Systems Free Estimate
Hoses Free Estimate
Leak Repairs Free Estimate
Lights & Lamps Free Estimate
Motor Mounts Free Estimate
Muffler Replacement Free Estimate
Oil Change, Lube & Filter (up to 5 qts)  
Multi Grade $28.95
Synthetic $59.95
PCV Valves Free Estimate
Rack & Pinion Free Estimate
Radiator Service  
Cooling System Power Flush $119.95
Shocks Free Estimate
Starters Free Estimate
Steering, Power Fluid Exchange $79.95
Struts Free Estimate
Throttle Body Service $90.00
Timing Belt Free Estimate
Tire Rotation $15.00
Transmission Replacement Free Estimate
Transmission Service  
Power Fluid Exchange $125.95
Automatic $75.00 & up
Manual $35.00 & up
Tune-Up Minor or Major Free Estimate
60 Point Used Vehicle Analysis $110.00 & up
Valve Adjustment Free Estimate
Water Pumps Free Estimate
Wiper Blades Free Estimate

All prices are plus tax if applicable and subject to change without notice.

Due to substantial differences in prices for parts and labor on different makes of vehicles, it is necessary to quote each vehicle. We are happy to give you a free written estimate with no obligation. Prices are for most vehicles: some vehicles require additional parts and service at extra cost.



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